Friday, October 15, 2010

Physical constants

Hey guys,

In order to get the A's that the girl in my class is getting, I have to memorize some stuff. Here's some of the physical constants I'll be using in my equations. Time to type some stuff up in excel!

Physical Constants

Angstrom Å 0.1 nm
Avagadro constant Nav 6.022x10^23
Boltzmann constant k 1.38066x10^-23 J/K
Elementary charge q 1.602x10^-19 C
Electron rest mass m0 9.1094x10^-31 kg
Electron Volt eV 1.602x10^-19 J
Gas constant R 1.98719 cal/mol*K
Permeability in vacuum μ0 1.25664x10^-8 H/cm
Permittivity in vacuum ε0 8.85418x10^-12 F/cm
Planck's constant h 6.62607x10^-34 J*s
Reduced Planck's constant 1.05457x10^-34 J*s (or h/2π)
Speed of light in a vacuum c 2.99792x10^10 cm/s
Thermal voltage at 300K kT/q 0.025852 V
Wavelength of 1 eV quantum λ 1.23984μm

I might do some derivations for the equations I have to memorize later today. Either that, or I'll post the properties of intrinsic Silicon and intrinsic Gallium Arsenide I have to memorize. Thanks for sticking around, and ask any questions you might have about any posts.


  1. useful board thx for posting

  2. never good with any of this i prefer working on computers instead

  3. I wrote this inside my calculator for some extra "help" on physics exams :D

  4. So true, but my prof is pretty crazy about cheating, so It'd be hard to get away with. Other classes it's easier to cheat with the calculator, lol.

  5. Wavelength of 1 eV quantum
    Quantum cola! :D
    Thats all I got from that.
    Good luck learning it all :)

  6. oohh good luck, I'm sure you can do it! ( I am just glad I don't have to)

  7. Damn, thats some complicated shit right there.
    Might come in handy, so I bookmarked this post ^_^

    Thanks a bunch for the nice compiliation.

  8. useful table. constants are important sometimes.

  9. wow, good luck with the studying...

  10. yup good luck, looks like tough stuff

  11. mh, i havent heard of a good half of em.

  12. I have to learn this too. Painful. :(